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The New Higher Resolution iPad’s Announced Mar 7, 2012










It’s coming up on one year since the iPad 2 was introduced, in which time something over 40 Million have been sold.  For the last few years Apple has been introducing new models on an annual basis, the iPad 2 was announced on Mar. 2, so a Mar. 7 date for the iPad 3 would make sense, some have speculated that the iPad 3 would have been announced on Steve Jobs Feb. 25  birthday, since the iPad 3 was reportedly the last product he was heavily involved in.

Whether the next iPad has all of the rumored improvements may be dependent on the availability of the new components Apple has changed processor foundries, industry reports indicate the A6 quad processor may not be available in time. One Chinese case maker is already listing an “iPad 2.5″ case, suggesting the possibility of a more minor iPad 2S or 2HD version much like the iPhone 4S update.

The New iPad, that’s the official designation, was announced today, it has the anticipated retina display, faster graphic processor and G4, and 4Mbit camera, more later …

In the mean time you can view the official iPad Keynote Announcement Event  (85 minute)

Noteworthy Improvements Over the iPad 2

  • A5X Same CPU, but a new Quad GPU Graphics Processor
  • 2048 x 1536 double resolution Retina display with 40% better color saturation
  • 5MP iSight camera with 1080p or 720p video
  • 4G LTE wireless speed with separate Verizon & AT&T models

Taking a closer look at the improvements in the next iPad version:

2048 x 1536 double resolution Retina display.  Some viewers report the image resembles a glossy magazine cover. While the iPad 1 & 2′s screen is sharp and clean, it’s resolution is unremarkable, particularly contrasted to the iPhone 4 Retina display that has nearly as many pixels. The display technology reportedly delivers 40% better color saturation. Dual LED light-bar technology may be employed to make the higher res display bright enough.

5MP camera: With Autofocus, Tap to focus, Face detection in still images, Video recording, HD (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with audio, Video stabilization.  VGA res. Facetime. Photo and video geotagging. (While adequate for HD video and facetime, the iPad 2 camera was woefully short on photo resolution, providing the same image resolution as novelty spy pen cameras).

4G LTE wireless communication: Despite advertisements claiming the Apple 3G effective performance is on par with 4G competitors, it’s a sore point in the specs. war,  new chip technology allows Apple to make the upgrade while maintaining battery life and case size, although it did grow 0.03 inches thicker and 1/10 pound heavier than the iPad 2.


What About a Smaller iPad to Compete With the Kindle Fire?

have reported that Apple is testing ab 8 inch iPad, the Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed Asian supplier leaks. It would seem likely to have the same 1024 x 768 pixel resolution as the original iPad. Despite late Steve Jobs’ stated belief that a 7-inch screen “is too small to express the software.” it’s likely the amaller iPad will be available before the Christmas shopping season.  The number apps being used on the iPhone 4 with it’s little retina display with nearly the resolution of an iPad quashes the usability argument against a smaller screen.

The success of the $199 Kindle Fire said to have sold in the vicinity of 4 – 6 Million units in the 4th quarter of 2011, those figures can’t be ignored. Don’t expect a $199 iPad, I would expect essentially the same functionality delivered in the smaller package for perhaps $100 less. What features could they remove to further lower the price? will a low end iPad cannibalize the iPad 3 business?  Barns and Noble has entered the under $200 tablet field with a Nook Tablet that has shed 8 Gigs of storage and 1/2 Gig of ram in order to match the Kindle’s hardware specs and price, although reportedly not as snappy and fluid as the Fire, you are not tethered to cloud storage and can instead expand to 32 Gigs of storage using the SD slot.


The iPad Competitors

An undisclosed source told DigiTimes that iPad sales in 2011 will reach 40 million units, accounting for 65-75% of the global tablet PC market. Nearly 100 touch screen devices were introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show, less than a year after the great success of  Apple’s iPad awoke a large potential market for such devices. Tablets shown at CES ranged  in size from slightly over-sized smart phones to slightly undersized laptops.

The primary alternatives to Apple’s proprietary operating system, (the sole delivery system for iPhone/iPad apps) are Google’s Android, Microsoft Windows and the BlackBerry tablet system. It’s going to be an interesting time seeing how these systems do in the tablet market.

Trying to provide fair coverage, you will find overviews of other manufacturers’ Windows based tablets and Android based tablets here at NextiPad.net.

Francis Shammo, chief financial officer of Verizon Communications Inc.

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